News  - 6 Jun 2022

PDS Idler – Shutdown Planner tool

“Shut planners, shut execution and the contractors all really liked this format, and we had a really good result in terms of compliance with the plan”

A new tool is now available in PDS Idler to assist in planning and execution of idler replacements during shutdowns.

What is the Shutdown Planner tool?

A planning tool where you can manage which idler faults to replace during a shutdown in PDS Idler.  The initial planning of idler replacements for the shutdown is often done several weeks in advance.  As you approach the actual shutdown, you may need to prioritise which idlers to replace during the shut if there is limited time and/or materials.  Communicating these priorities to the replacement crews is essential to avoid confusion and time wastage.

The PDS Idler Shutdown Planner allows you to allocate and remove shutdown assignments.  If required, you can remove the assignment from lower priority rollers and print a Report listing only the assigned records.  This report is called the Shutdown & QA Report for Idlers (and another for Structures) which can be used for the replacement crews.  This Report also has QA/QC sign-off areas.

How does it work?

The Shutdown names and dates are pre-configured in the Admin menu.  These are then listed in a dropdown to allow for easy selection.  Uploading of the schematics is done via the Web UI in the PDS Idler Module.  There is a new button on the blue ribbon labelled “Shutdown Planner” which is visible to Power Users & Business Administrators only.  

You can select to:

  • Add Shutdown: To assign a Shutdown to records.  The assigned shutdown will display on the dashboard in the Scheduled Shut column.  
  • Remove Shutdown: Select records to remove their assigned Shutdown. Can be done for individual or multiple records.

The idler dashboard and reports can now be filtered based on assigned shutdowns, providing clearer guidance for replacement crews, and eliminating high risk idlers being missed during the shutdown.

The Shutdown and QA Report

The associated Shutdown and QA report not only allows the user to filter by Shutdown, but also includes QA and QC sign-off to manage compliance against the plan.  A schematic can also be added to the reports if beneficial for replacement crews who may not be familiar with the systems.

Questions / Demo

Any questions regarding this new tool, please contact us.

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