News  - 3 Oct 2023

PDS Idler – New Idler Sets

We have recently added some new idler sets to PDS Idler that will help users in the field capture idler faults more accurately. We have added some dual roll sets, and even a triple roll set. We now have a three roll dual set, a four roll dual set, a five roll dual set and a three roll triple set.

How does this help?

In the past we have relied on the location field to provide the extra information for these sets. For example, in a two row impact set as shown, users would have to select a head or tail side location.

This increased the risk of user error, as if users weren’t experienced with the procedure, or they simply forgot about it because they didn’t encounter this type of set very often, an incorrect fault would be logged.

Now users can see the relevant set available on the conveyor (subject to configuration) and pick the correct roller from the graphic, with location no longer playing a part (However it’s still a mandatory field).

How do I get them added?

To get these sets added to a conveyor/s at your site, please contact us at These can also be added by Business Administrators.