News  - 5 Aug 2021

Cloud Servers

At PDS we take the security and performance of our system very seriously. This is why we choose GoHosting as our Cloud Hosting Provider, ensuring that our servers, and your data, are in safe hands.

GoHosting are an Australian based, Enterprise Level, Cloud Service Provider. The PDS SaaS service is hosted in GoHosting’s Canberra based Data Centre. With the service comes 24×7 full infrastructure support, redundancy, off-site backup, and disaster recovery, from their backup Sydney Data Centre.

GoHosting own and operate their own network, which means security and reliability are guaranteed. Their facilities meet the Australian Government Protective Security Manual Secure Area Standard, and are also up to Standard for the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) T4 Protective Security Construction Certification, for an SR1 Server Room.

PDS have a long ongoing relationship with GoHosting. We have found them to be one of the best service providers we operate with.

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