News  - 18 Feb 2021

Vayeron Smart-Idler® Integration

PDS has recently partnered with Vayeron on a project aimed at integrating the Vayeron Smart-Idler® devices into the PDS system.

The offering allows users of the PDS system to register Vayeron Smart-Idlers® directly from the PDS system (either through the iPDS app on site, or PDS Web from your desktop). Registration is made easy in iPDS – all that is required is to scan the barcode on the device and then select the installation area details.

Once a device has been registered in the PDS system it will instantly start sending telemetry data straight through to PDS. What this means is you will instantly see idler faults within the Idler module in PDS.

Please contact the PDS Sales team (email, or phone our GM Mr Peter Thorpe on 0456 726 230) if you are interested in a demo of this feature.