News  - 16 Aug 2022

Screen Deck Version History

What is the Screen Deck Version History feature?

The Screen Deck Version History feature enables changes made to the deck layout to be documented and saved as a version. Not for Replacements of like for like panels. The changes refer to a different Part Number being installed, due to a different panel type, or material type, thickness etc. But could also include changing the number of panels on the layout, for example, due to new double length panels being installed. So essentially, when something changes, which typically may have been captured by adding an additional tab on a spreadsheet, this can now be captured within PDS

How Does it Work?

Utilising the newly added ‘Version’ button, a user can populate the ‘Version Details’, to add information to capture as a snapshot of the changing deck details. A photo can also be attached.

Accessing the History feature, enables the user to filter by the Versions, to view the saved information for each. Providing a platform for historical analysis to understand previous deck configuration changes.

Questions / Demo

Any questions regarding this new tool, please contact

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