News  - 4 Feb 2021

SAP Integration

An upcoming new feature to the PDS suite will be an electronic link to SAP (and in future, other systems).

The first implementation of this link will allow users to raise SAP notifications directly from the PDS Planned Inspection module. If a defect is recorded in PDS as part of an inspection, the user will then have the option to onward send the defect to the user’s SAP system automatically.

Once the notification is in the system there will also be a facility to receive updates back from SAP – so, for example, when a notification is resolved, it would then show up as resolved in PDS.

This feature will be a great time saver, and removes all the usual problems associated with double handling information. If this is something which you would like more information on please contact the PDS Sales team (email, or phone our GM Mr Peter Thorpe on 0456 726 230).