News  - 1 Aug 2022

SAP Integration

Efficiency Gains for Inspection Personnel!

It is now possible to send the PDS inspection reports to SAP as an attachment to notifications and workorders in SAP without having to generate the inspection report first and then send as an email attachment. With this new feature, the reports will be sent automatically from the database when the Inspection is Marked as Complete. It is also possible to manually trigger the sending of reports if required.

What Set-up is Required?

The SAP email addresses for Notifications and Workorders will need to be pre-configured for each Site. This is done by PDS Support. The Customer’s SAP system needs to be email attachment ready and able to receive emails from a PDS (external) email account.

How does it Work?

The relevant notification and/or workorder numbers for the inspection/activity are entered when creating a new inspection checklist. When the inspection is Marked as Complete, the completed Planned Inspection Report and the At Fault Report will be sent to SAP and attached to the notification and/or workorder.

It is also possible to send a Single Task or Single Fault Report to SAP. The user simply taps on the report icon and selects Send Single Task/Fault SAP Report and enters the relevant notification and/or work order numbers.

Questions / Demo

Any questions regarding this feature, please contact