News  - 23 Feb 2021

Quick sync

You may have noticed that things got a bit quicker in iPDS recently. This is due to the recent changes we have made to the Sync and Login features.

The Sync feature copies your data from the PDS cloud onto your device, and back again. Over time, as the amount of data and images grew, our old Sync function started to struggle, so we decided to invest several months of R&D time to address this. We think you will be pleased with the result!

We decided to start over with the function – this allowed us to be creative! The new quick sync is in fact a collection of numerous changes which together make a big difference. The main changes are:

Image resolution options: you can now choose to sync either a low res version of all images, or even no images at all. These options are great if you really don’t need the high resolution images while out on site.

Continuous Background Sync (CBS): this feature allows your device to keep up to date with fresh data all day (or you can set it to refresh just before you wake in the morning).

Quick sync: some data updates now happen instantly when there is an active WiFi signal. This reduces the amount of data being streamed when doing a full sync, and reduces the chance of sync conflicts.

Sync Now button: you can now sync from any screen by using the Sync Now button. This saves you going in to the settings dialog to perform a sync.

Concurrent streaming: the app will now retrieve multiple datasets at the same time. This means the time from start to finish of the sync is greatly reduced as it is no longer getting one dataset at a time.

Updated sync dialog: the sync dialog is now more interactive, and allows you to cancel the image sync if you decide you don’t need the images.

Offline Mode button: you no longer need to go into Airplane mode – just use the Offline Mode switch on the burger menu. This will prevent the app trying to run a sync while on site or in a low reception area.

Quick login: the login feature has also had a speed up which means you no longer need to wait for login to complete before you can select your module.

We think you will like the new Sync features!