News  - 30 Mar 2022

PDS Software Online Training

In response to restrictions introduced during the pandemic, we at PDS have increased our delivery of online software training. The advantages of online training have certainly been appreciated by our customers with increased scheduling flexibility, significantly reduced costs and increased productivity compared to face-to-face delivery. During 2021, we delivered over 100 online sessions to our customers ranging from 2 to 4 hours in duration.

Our Delivery Approach

The sessions have been run using various platforms including Microsoft Teams, Webex, Bluejeans and are usually initiated from the Customer’s end to ensure training room AV systems are all connected. Attendees can join individually from their desk or home, or on-site from a training room with an AV system where they can view the PDS Trainer demonstrating the software. They have access to the software on their laptops or on mobile devices as applicable for each user, and can follow along with the Trainer. We run the training in the software’s “Training Mode” to give the trainees the full benefit of experiencing all the features of the software in a copy of their site’s database. Here they can practice creating, editing and deleting records without affecting the integrity of their production database. We can also include an online assessment if attendance records are required.

Our Sessions

We have created some set training sessions, collated to suit various user groups, but we can also customise sessions to suit particular training needs, if preferred:

Training sessions