News  - 10 Mar 2022

Key Improvements in 2021

Our team worked hard to improve the PDS Asset Management Software last year. Read on to see the main changes we implemented!

General Changes

  • Sync time reduction
  • Various 3rd party integrations
  • Complex Module focus
  • Inspect Module development to support basic QA activities

PDS Idler

  • Letter field that can be mapped for part numbers
    • For extensions, odd zones.
  • Guide roller graphics available
    • To manage Guide roller faults using PDS.
  • 3rd Party API Integration
    • Customer software App to App easy transition into PDS for failure records.
    • Veyeron idlers.

PDS Complex

  • Functionality to support Skirting Management:
    • Option to record or schedule skirt rotations and adjustments, as well as track replacements.
  • Other Complex Module Improvements:
    • Ability to record inspection details against liners/screen panels
    • Configure Alarm Points for individual liners/screen panels
    • Edit layouts. Keeping history of remaining entities
    • Create Versions for layout or Part Number changes
  • 3rd Party API Integration
    • Scantec Integration for Chute scans
    • Screen measurements from Drones

PDS Wear

  • Online BTT Integration
  • New Reports for Tonnes based Wear Calculations
    • Wear Profile and Trend – Tonnes Report
      • Calculates wear rate and change-out date based on mm/MT.
    • Belt Life History – Tonnes Report
      • Compares current wear rates [mm/MT] and Tonnes carried with previous belts on same conveyor.

NOTE: Tonnes-based wear data is dependent on the customer allowing Tonnes data feed to PDS.

PDS Inspect

  • Functionality to support basic QA activities:
    • Use an image from the (i) box to mark up for easy recording of signatures, schematics and tabular entries.
    • Set prerequisites in the task sequence for Hold Points whereby subsequent tasks cannot be done until the Hold Point has been completed.
    • Replace assets in PDS during the QA activity (even if no reception) so that condition records can be linked to either the asset being removed or the new replacement asset
  • At Fault Dashboard & User Group Filters:
    • Filter the At Fault Dashboard based on User Groups to view your team’s Watchlist items.