News  - 28 Jan 2021

Import and Export gets a makeover

You may have noticed that we have recently given the Data Import and Export system a bit of a makeover!

The import and export system is a key building block of the PDS system. The import system allows you to quickly upload bulk data into the system via files. Export then allows you to download various datasets into a file.

We recently changed the system to make it more user friendly and robust. The system now operates in a ‘wizard’ fashion which takes you through the process step by step.

We also added a new function to the module to allow you to ‘update’ the dataset. This allows you to download an existing dataset, make changes in the file, then upload that same data back in to the system. This makes bulk updating of datasets much easier.

We still have some exciting changes for this part of the system in the pipeline so keep an eye out.