News  - 29 Sep 2023

PDS Idler – Part Numbers and Stock Location

It is now possible to configure and view part numbers and stock locations for all fault records as well as see the mapping for that conveyor.

How does it look?

You will see part numbers and stock locations listed against each fault on the Idler Fault Dashboard. There is also a new FILE icon which links to further information to assist operators and maintainers.

New Look Idler Fault Dashboard

The File icon menu options are Task Information, where inspection example photos can be stored. The Schematic, which will show the conveyor schematic and lastly the Part Numbers / Stock Locations option for displaying the part numbers mapping against frame numbers and stock locations for the whole conveyor.

File Icon Menu Options



Part Number Mapping

The report will list the Stock location and Additional Information in the Picking List table against each Part number.

Questions / Demo

Any questions regarding this feature, please contact

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