User Stories  - 8 Dec 2017

How we adapted our software to forecast pulley lagging wear

Every week brings a new challenge to our development team.

A client recently approached us with an interesting problem. They were already using PDS Wear with very successful results, but had a problem with managing pulley relagging. With only a limited number of rotable pulley spares available for direct changeouts, trying to plan resources and logistics for stripping, sand blasting and relagging at multiple locations across the plant during major shutdowns became quite a task.

Adding to the problem was the fact that intervals between scheduled shutdowns had been increased. Hence, there was a need for a more strategic approach to planning for pulley relagging in-situ during shutdowns.

Our development team modified the functionality within PDS Wear to allow it to capture wear measurements on pulley lagging. In a similar way to how belt wear is tracked, measurements are taken across the pulley face at required space intervals. Alarm points are set which then allow replacement life to be forecast.

A report was developed to produce a Lagging Life Forecast, profile graph, photos showing the condition of pulleys and a results table if required.

We’ve now expanded this functionality to capture wear on rail lines, rail wheels, pipes, HPGR pins and Apron Pan Feeders.

This is a great example of how the PDS software can be adapted to provide solutions to client-specific problems.

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