User Stories  - 22 Dec 2017

Forecasting Tray Life on Haul Trucks

Here’s another example of how PDS Software can be adapted to solve real-world problems.

A client who was having major issues with the management of wear on Truck Liner Trays approached us for a solution. They recognised that their current process was inefficient and were looking for a better way. They recognised that their current process was inefficient and were looking for a better way.

Their current process was to replace Truck Liner Trays completely once end of life was reached. This was commonly due to wear throughout the centre of the tray, which was manually measured and captured in a spreadsheet.

Welding in three additional 16mm plates through the middle section prolonged tray life.

They wanted to be able to capture wear measurements in the field and have some way of reporting on these measurements so that the life of the Liners could be more accurately forecast.

This would assist them in making future decisions on how often the three middle panels can be replaced, taking into account results for the remaining panels.

As they were already using PDS Wear to capture and forecast wear on their conveyor belts, we started looking at ways adapt the product to this specific situation.

Using PDS Wear and Complex Mapping modules, a layout of the Truck Liner Tray was created showing the numerous measurement locations, incorporating a unique naming convention and varying install thicknesses at each point.

Measurements can be input on the iPad in the field as they are being taken.

The next stage is to develop a report to show a heat map of each measurement point with a table of results shown underneath. The colour scale starts at green for 80-100%, incrementing at 20% through the other colours, to Red at 0-20%. This gives an immediate visual representation of the liner condition.

A Forecast Life prediction will also be included.