News  - 15 Sep 2021

Complex Updates

We are excited to announce a major upgrade to the Complex Liners and Screens module in the latest release of the PDS Web, iPad, and Android Tablet applications.

One of the most requested features has been the ability to edit layouts in the Complex module, so we are pleased to be able to announce the delivery of this new feature. This project was challenging due to the complexity involved in managing all the permutations which can take place when the layout of equipment changes.

With the new edit feature you can download the layout file for the area, make any changes you need in your CAD software, then upload the changed layout file. Once the updated layout has been uploaded you will be able to navigate back and forth through the historical changes in layout. With this change also came the ability to create version snapshots which allow you to tag the layout changes with a name and date stamp.

We have also added a feature which allows you to add text onto your layout files. This is useful if you need to make annotations on your layouts.

For the more tech savvy customers we have also included some new API’s to allow you to manage your layouts electronically. This is useful if you want to upload layout changes directly from your own systems.

We have spent the best part of a year working on the upgrade to this module, so there are many more new features and improvements which aren’t mentioned above. We think you will love the changes!