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PDS Inspect: The Practical Asset Inspection Software

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Manual paper-based inspections are inefficient, time consuming and often lack detail and accuracy and most inspection apps on the market merely offer a digital tick sheet with no asset information. PDS delivers a ground-breaking solution by introducing an integrated asset inspection software.

Our Inspection Management Software

PDS Inspect solves all of these issues and can be used for either asset-based or task-based inspections.

An asset-based inspection allows the user to conduct an inspection by recording their results against assets in any order.

A task-based inspection provides the user with a preconfigured, structured task list, including all tasks involved in a workorder activity (eg: safety checks, housekeeping checks) replacing an organisation’s current paper-based program.

Inspection tasks can be configured as visual checks, measurement tasks, or just a status record. Photos are easily captured and added to the inspection report. It is also possible to link inspection tasks to the other PDS products enabling seamless integration and access to the functionality that they each offer.

Configurable dropdowns for severity and fault codes help standardise the fault reporting and setting the software up for integration with SAP, and thereby making PDS Inspect the perfect front line inspection tool. Switch to paperless inspections on your site with PDS Inspect – the practical, digital solution to managing inspection records. PDS Inspect provides a robust digital platform for capturing fault history against assets over time, enabling detailed reporting on plant conditions and outstanding maintenance requirements.

Interactive Reporting

Each completed inspection task is recorded with a time stamp and username for traceability and also resulting in improved credibility of the inspection record. The inspection report, including all findings and photos, can be generated and emailed directly from the device upon completion. PDS Inspect provides a quick snapshot of critical problems requiring attention. Interactive reporting and dashboard views enable users to quickly see the condition of their assets as well as the current inspection status according to priority.

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