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PDS Idler: The Complete Solution For Idler Failure Management

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L'une des plus fréquentes causes d'arrêt des convoyeurs et de perte de productivité dans les sites miniers du monde entier est la défaillance des bandes transporteuses.

Friction between the seized idler and the conveyor belt wears away the case of the idler, creating sharp edges. In turn, this causes damage, potential fires or excessive wear to the belt, shortening the conveyor belt life considerably.

Frequent and accurate inspections of idlers are essential as they reduce financial losses,  unscheduled downtime, excess materials and even endangerment to workers.

Common issues are:

  • Idler wear
  • Idler seizure
  • Frame buckling
  • Reduced idler bearing life
  • Impact idler rubber failure
  • Transition idler failure
  • Endcap/disk failure

Our Software Solution

PDS Idler helps reduce conveyor downtime through accurate digital inspection which captures precise, real-time failure data. 

Our application uses data from third-party systems and all failure results from visual inspections to monitor conveyor idlers, rollers, frames and structures.

Cet outil de gestion puissant pour la planification détaillée, l'exécution et l'analyse des défaillances, remplaçe la méthode traditionnelle, plus inefficace et imprécise de marquage lors des inspections manuelles de routine. 

PDS Idler is capable of monitoring and reporting on all brands of idlers. Maintenance managers are able to see trends in failures, failure types and make decisions on where some suppliers and manufacturers can perform better than others.


PDS Idler’s simple and easy to use software significantly cuts down on inspection and reporting times. Previously, inspectors would have to physically record inspection results on paper, hand the paperwork to a planner who then manually inputs the results into a spreadsheet. With PDS Idler, anyone with an iOS and Android device can input their location, record the data and the data is synchronised and sent back to the database in real-time. 

Idler a géré plus d'un million de pannes de rouleaux allant de l'identification à la rectification, a amélioré l'efficacité des arrêts grâce à une meilleure planification et a fourni des informations précieuses sur une meilleure sélection des rouleaux et une meilleure analyse des causes profondes. 

PDS Idler reports on:

  • Failure mode
  • Risk value
  • Location
  • Manufacturer
  • Lifecycle
  • Frequency of failure at that location

There are multiple built-in standard reports available as well as API data access for transferring data into third-party reporting tools.

The PDS Way: Our 5 Step Process

We have developed a five-step approach to ensure our customers are getting the maximum benefit from our software. 

  1. Define and understand the idler issues faced by your company
  2. Develop a tailored solution to your issues
  3. Implement the solution, database setup and mapping/equipment configuration
  4. Training on how to use PDS Idler
  5. Ongoing support
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