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PDS Wear: The Wear Monitoring System for Equipment and Machinery

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Asset wear in the mining industry is inevitable. PDS Wear is a digital wear monitoring tool, created to give you the critical information needed to dramatically reduce the unpredicted failures due to wear on plant assets.

Our Software Solution

Unpredicted failures due to wear means a loss in production and reduced productivity. Originally developed for conveyors in the mining industry, PDS Wear is designed to assist in the analysis of belt cover wear and highlight product, operational and environmental influences that have negative effects on conveyor belt life.

PDS Wear is being used across multiple mine sites and companies within the Coal, Gold and Copper, Bauxite and Iron Ore industries. It has been adopted for wear monitoring onsite inspections on both fixed and mobile equipment types, including pipe spools, apron feeder pans, screen panels, chute liners, rail and rail wheels, crusher components, excavator buckets, filter screens, dredger components and haul truck tray liners.

How it works

Our software provides a collaborative tool for technicians to digitally record thickness tests and engage with Planners and Reliability Engineers to set customised Alarm Points, to calculate replacement dates on all components.

Particularly apt in the conveyor belt space where forecasts assist maintenance planning and enable the scheduling of replacements to align with planned shutdowns, whilst also providing historical data for install period and wear life until replacement.  This assists in better belt grade selection and accurate capital planning.

PDS Wear replaces multiple individual spreadsheets and manual reports with a single, simplified digital management platform. A suite of reports are available to generate at the touch of a button, and can also be set up as a subscription to be automatically sent to relevant stakeholders.

If you need an accurate method of predicting end-of-life for components and reducing associated downtime, you need to get PDS Wear working for you.

Wear report example

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