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PDS Idler: The Complete Solution For Conveyor Idler Failure Management

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One of the most consistent causes of conveyor downtime and lost productivity in mine sites around the world are idler failures.

Common issues are:

  • Paper-based recording systems provide limited visibility across an organisation resulting in missed maintenance opportunities.
  • The paper tags are not durable, and records get lost.
  • Limited analysis of idler failure data.
  • Different workgroups may have different understanding of fault severity levels.
  • Idler replacement crews might not have up-to-date failure data resulting in faulty rollers being missed and incorrect rollers being replaced.

All these issues lead to unplanned downtime, inefficient idler management, and sub-optimal idler maintenance strategies.

Our Solution

PDS Idler helps reduce conveyor downtime through accurate digital inspection which captures precise, real-time failure data. PDS Idler uses failure results from visual inspections and data from third party monitoring systems to monitor conveyor idlers, rollers, frames and structures.

Material part numbers can be mapped to every idler position to further support planning and execution.

Operators have a user-friendly input screen to enter failure details such as fault location, idler type and failure type using graphics and dropdowns. Failure priorities are pre-configured taking the guess work away. The data is synchronised and sent back to the database in real-time. Planners are able to easily collate material requirements for the next shutdown with part number picking lists for every conveyor. Execution teams can have detailed checklists for their work packs making it easy to tick off work completed. Reliability engineers and maintenance managers are able to produce reports showing hot spots, trouble conveyors and failure trends.

This provides a powerful management tool for detailed planning, execution and failure analysis.

Idler fault


PDS Idler hat über 1 Million Walzenausfälle von der Identifizierung bis zur Behebung verwaltet, die Effizienz von Stillständen durch bessere Planung verbessert und wertvolle Erkenntnisse für eine bessere Walzenauswahl und Ursachenanalyse geliefert.

There are multiple built-in standard reports available to support Planners, Maintainers and Reliability Engineers. API data access is also possible for transferring data into third-party reporting tools.

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