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PDS Complex: Asset Condition Monitoring For Screen Panel and Liner Management

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PDS Complex provides a market leading visualisation tool for screen panel and liner management in assets with multiple wear surfaces such as chute liners, skirt liners, screen panels, haul truck trays, excavator buckets, feeders and crushers.

Initially created to assist customers in being able to track the ins and outs of chute liners and screen panels, significant development has been done in recent times to provide a more holistic approach to liner maintenance strategy composition and historical analysis, where data was not commonly available previously.

Uploading a site certified layout into PDS, each liner/panel is created as an individual Equipment ID in PDS. Thus facilitating the capability to capture Install Date, Liner/Panel Details, Wear Tests, Inspections and eventual Replacement Dates. Proving invaluable for decisions around wear patterns in chutes and material type suitability vs liner lifetime.

Integration with 3D scanning has also been undertaken to convert deviation in wear from scan data to upload current thickness in PDS, allowing forecasts to alarm points in PDS reports.

PDS Complex Provides

  • Customised site supplied layout uploaded into PDS.
  • Layouts displayed on devices to capture data infield.
  • Each entity (liner/panel) created with unique ID to facilitate historical analysis.
  • Asset functionality including tracking of Install Date and asset details such as Material Types, Part Numbers, Thickness, Dimensions.
  • Replacement feature captures Replacement Date, entity lifetime and Reason for Replacement for post shutdown inventory or historical analysis.
  • Planning feature includes Scheduling of Replacements, encompassing visual inspections and/or wear data to assist in component identification for pre-shut Planning.
  • Adding wear results via manual entry in field, via Import templates in the Web version, or through integration with Scan data.
  • Coloured views to highlight liners which have been Replaced, those Scheduled for Replacement, and a heat map from saved wear results showing remaining thickness, gives users access to information for all customised layouts, even in offline areas of the plant.
  • Configuring chutes/screens as part of PDS Planned Inspections, enables a transition to the Complex layout screen with all functionality available. Upon completion, continue on with remaining task based inspections.

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