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PDS Complex makes accurate monitoring and maintenance planning simple.

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Accurate wear and condition monitoring can be extremely difficult when a single asset contains a large number of individual related components.

The failure of one component can lead to a costly unplanned shutdown of the entire asset.

PDS Complex provides a market leading visualisation tool for tracking and predicting wear in assets with multiple wear surfaces such as chute liners, screen panels, haul truck trays, feeders and crushers.

PDS Complex arose from an idea to document 3D scan data and predict end of life as 3D scanning alone provided no asset history or predictive analysis. Due to the cost associated with 3D scanning, PDS Complex has increased in popularity, becoming an invaluable management tool for recording historical replacements, associated part number information and visualising wear profiles.

PDS Complex provides

  • simple point and click data entry on multiple wear surfaces.
  • superior, accurate wear reporting for better maintenance planning.
  • accurate wear tracking in individual wear plates for more efficient inventory management.
  • for tracking of replacements, recording the age of wear components and retaining all historical inspection data.
  • historical data to highlight asset design issues and provide clear evidence to support re-engineering.
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